Quick Recap !

A few pictures might actually tell more than a full text ! Let’s just say we have been very busy 🙂

We renovated our kitchen: from dated maple syrup cupboard with dodgy appliances to modern dark oak with induction cook top & state of the art oven: no more excuse to fuck up a meal !

And we used it extensively, making Gingerbread Castles, Biscuits, amazing cakes, great meals etc. I gave most of them away since I was on a diet for 3 months… I lost 20kg this year !

We drank a few bottles too (and even some tea, after a big hike in Minyon Falls).

We travelled a bit…

We had great food !!! Look at this cheese ! Oh my God !!!

We bought bikes and did great tours ! Say hello to Baby Blue and Minty Green !


We washed the car (and had no accident !)


We changed a few things in our home decoration… not these lamps: too dangerous with
pusses running around !


And of course, we had some lovely time with our pusses !! They are the nicest babies on earth 🙂

That’s about it !

Let’s start a new year: Hello 2016 !

West End Market

Lovely market, in West End, called Davies Park Market, open on Saturdays, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, clothes, food etc. Really lovely-gorgeous and vibrant. Not too big, prices are OK and people are friendly. There is a park just nearby, called Davies Park, which is great to sit down and eat your Rosti ! And plenty of good looking people for eye candy (with their dogs!). I loved it !

Fruits & Vegs’:

Textures & Colours:

Other goodies (I love the dream catcher):

And we even saw my favourite dog: a lovely French Bulldog. So cuuuuuute !!!! Can I have one? Oh pleaaaaaaase !!!




The market website is here.




Toto Oz_20150412_001

Bouffe in French, is another word (slang of course) for food. With Easter just behind us, we cooked so much and ate so much, that I had to take pictures of all the heavy meals that make me the fat man I am… Well… fat… it could be worse, but let’s say that Lamb with Canoli Beans, Chicken and Pasta, Steak and Pommes de Terres SautĂ©es etc. do not help keeping a thin waste ! But it tastes so gooood ! ….. 😩 And we get so many nice herbs from our balcony, look how beautiful they are:


Toto Oz_20150412_002


Toto Oz_20150412_004

sage (I love sage):Toto Oz_20150412_003

And with these you can do a lovely pasta with a nice chicken:

Toto Oz_20150215_002

Or a nice Onion Tart !

Toto Oz_20150315_016 Toto Oz_20150315_039 Toto Oz_20150315_038

Of course we are a bit naughty and we like our meat so we serve the Onion Tart with some Filet Mignon and Japanese spices !

Toto Oz_20150315_043 Toto Oz_20150315_045

For Easter, you have to have Lamb and Beans, no?


And beefsteak with anything tastes great !

Potatoes and Mushrooms:

Toto Oz_20150405_006 Toto Oz_20150405_004


Green peas !

Toto Oz_20150321_002


Pasta Parmiggiano !

Toto Oz_20150412_005

STOP STOP ! Looking at these dishes makes me put weight on (and so did eating them!).

Ice Cream for dessert?

Toto Oz_20150305_002

Yum !

Happy Easter !


And then a big nap with cats!

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Byyyyyyyyye !


Haoke Chinese Seafood Restaurant

What better way to start the weekend than going to a Yum Cha restaurant with friends? Our Chinese National Treasure, Ning the Little Fairy, took us to Haoke, for what looks to be the first round of Yum Cha restaurant tasting & testing: let’s say a T & T 🙂 !

Haoke is in Sunnybank Hills and it really doesn’t look like much from the outside: stuck between a McDonald’s and a major highway crossing, it is everything but noticeable and inviting… But it it cheap, and it is good. Four people eating more than enough: $68. You ought to try it.





Melbourne via a Nokia Lens !


Melbourne is gorgeous ! We only spent a few days in the CBD, and the atmosphere was great. Melbourne has a delightful CBD, with nice streets and side walks with trees, plenty of nice shops, delicatessen, coffee places, bars, great food and restaurants, which make this city really pleasant and easy going. There is a big mix of super new and quite old buildings: it creates a mosaic of textures, a visual confusion, sometimes nice, sometimes odd, but definitely lively: and I think that’s why people love Melbourne so much.

And no small thing: Melbourne has the best Croissants and Brioches I have ever eaten in the southern hemisphere. And really cheap too. Everyone should queue to go to BRIOCHE by Philip and gorge themselves with his amazing viennoiseries !!!!


My camera was not working, so all the pictures have been taken with a very old (like ancient) mobile … Not sure how the quality will look like… but enjoy !

Colour me baby:

The Jean-Paul Gore exhibition was on:

There were many churches around, like St Paul, St Michael, St Etc.

… and plenty of cheap and good restaurants in Chinatown, many nice pubs, great markets, etc. Here is the Mitre Tavern (great hamburgers and fries):

The Block Arcade has great shops in it, like chocolate, bakeries etc.

There were many shopping centres… of course… but hey! at least they kept the original buildings !


We had a great tour of Parliament House (free):

Melb6 Melb8

We saw Cook’s Cottage… Australia’s oldest (imported) house:

The Shrine of Remembrance was imposing (the phone couldn’t do it justice… sorry):Melb23 Melb24In the end, Melbourne has plenty of fun and frisky things to do.



Haigh’s Chocolates in Block Arcade… yum !!! Click here.

We went to many bars, some with roof tops, some with this and some with that, bla bla bla: but our 2 favourites were:

The Saint and Rogue: here (great pub!).

Cabinet (great wine bar in the middle of the CBD): here.

City of Melbourne: Click here.

There is so much more to list ! I cannot be asked. Just go to Melbourne and find out for yourself !



Last Friday Night – TGIF

OK, I am 4 years late: but better too late than never ! I LOVE this song ! Totally addicted currently. Such a feel good song, it makes everybody happy at work (except after the 10th repeat but it is understandable). Anyways: great song to have on while looking at the pictures of Tasmania below ! Kisses !!!

And yes: it is Katy Perry. So what?

Last Friday Night